Welcome to Pimee Well Servicing LP


Since its inception in 1984, Pimee has been an Aboriginal leader in Oil & Gas Industry well services. Pimee Well Servicing LP is unique in its ability to provide and implement a proven model of success for the harmonious development of an aboriginal oilfield service company.

Our VISION is to provide safe, competitive, high-quality services to the Oil & Gas Industry by developing and maintaining skilled Aboriginals in a spirit of harmony, while asking only for equal opportunity.

PIMEE WELL SERVICING LP’s corporate culture stresses the importance of Harmony, Respect, Dignity, Integrity and Humility with its Employees and Partnerships.

The success of PIMEE can be attributed to perseverance and experience from the highs and lows of the extremely volatile oil industry. This has taught Management to develop and implement best business practices by utilizing extensive training programs and development of safe work methods and procedures. These mechanisms have allowed us to create joint ventures and increase relationships with major oil producers, such Imperial Oil, Husky, Canadian Natural Resources Limited and Cenovus Energy.

Located in North-eastern Alberta, Pimee has been serving the Oilfield Industry with well servicing and general maintenance services for many years. Our commitment is to our customers and the environment and has made us a leader in our field.

Prior to 1987, the company operated with one service rig. Today, the company boasts Eleven Service Rigs, Two Rod Rigs and an array of Well Servicing equipment. Not only do we offer oil well servicing, we also provide; fluid shot/well diagnostics, trailer mounted x-celerator and rod rig services.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this website, please feel free to call us at 780-826-6392.