Alberta targets dollars for reclamation of wells in and around First Nations and Métis settlements

Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage said the program served a number of purposes, including creating much needed work in the hard-hit oil field sector and restoring the land.

The Alberta government is allocating $100 million in funding from the federal government in period six of the Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) to reclaim wells in and around First Nations and Métis Settlements.


“We will continue to work closely with our Indigenous partners through the SRP and other energy initiatives to ensure that they, like all Albertans, are in a position to benefit from our economic recovery efforts,” said Savage.

 Frog Lake First Nation Chief Greg Desjarlais said the program would allow member-owned companies and member joint ventures to provide “boots on the ground.”

One such joint venture is with Pimee Well Services, owned by six First Nations, including Frog Lake in northeastern Alberta.

“As First Nations we are part of the solution here in Canada. It’s time that the governments work with us, know we are very smart and resilient people. We know how to create that balance that Canada is looking for,” said Desjarlais.

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