Celebrating 40 Years of Well Servicing!

Pimee Well Servicing, a trailblazing indigenous well servicing company, is proud to announce the celebration of its 40-Year anniversary! Since its inception in 1984 Pimee has been committed to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and this milestone marks a momentous journey of growth and success.

Over the past four (4) decades, Pimee has carved a niche as a leading force in the oil & gas industry. Guided by a vision of empowering indigenous business through innovation, Pimee has consistently exceeded expectations, leading to remarkable achievements and recognition within the oil & gas sector.

We are incredibly grateful to our loyal customers, dedicated employees, and supportive ownership nations who have been integral to our success throughout this remarkable journey. This anniversary signifies not only the years of hard work and determination but also the immense potential that lies ahead as we continue to revolutionize the oil & gas industry landscape.

Pimee’s commitment to innovation has been at the heart of its growth. With a strong focus on customer needs and feedback, the company has consistently developed cutting-edge solutions that address industry challenges and elevate standards. Looking ahead, Pimee aims to further enhance its offerings, explore new opportunities, and continue delivering exceptional value to its customers.

In celebration of this significant milestone, Pimee has planned commemorative events (Golf & Gala). The anniversary celebrations will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the company’s journey, acknowledge the contributions of its employees, and strengthen its partnerships with clients and suppliers.

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