Service Rig Division

9Pimee’s service rigs provide production/workover and well completion services.  Service rigs are used to repair, re-complete and stimulate existing oil wells and perform completion work on new wells. The rigs include a pump and tank, blow out preventers and support equipment. Pimee’s fleet of 12 service rigs includes: 8 Single Mobile Service Rigs and 4 Double Mobile Service Rigs.

Pimee’s rig packages include a doghouse, pump and tank, BOP’s and equipment trucks. Supplementary equipment such as pipe racks, light plants, and matting are available.

General Oilfield Maintenance


Pimee Well Servicing can provide general oilfield maintenance for your industry to keep everything running smoothly.

Downhole Maintenance

If there’s something inside the well that needs maintenance, repair, or removal, Pimee can help.

Rod Rig Division

Our continuous rod units install, remove, and repair continuous rods in wells. We are capable of pulling up to 50,000 pounds. Pimee’s pressure trucks pump various fluids at high pressures—up to 5,000 psi—into wellheads to thoroughly test for leaks.

Fluid Shot Division

Pimee Well Servicing Fluid Shot Division uses an echo-meter product that acquires an acoustic liquid level reader.

Maintenance (Rig Yard) Division

Pimee Well Servicing’s Maintenance Division utilizes Certified Personnel, such as Heavy Equipment Technicians and Journeyman Welders for repair and maintenance of its Service Rig Equipment and other company equipment and vehicles.

TMX Division

Pimee operates a Trailer Mounted X-Celerator (TMX) unit, which is a self-sufficient coiled rod injector system that is used in conjunction with a service rig to pull and run continuous rod.


  • Twelve Service Rigs
  • Three Rod Rigs
  • Trailer Mounted X-Celarator
  • Light picker trucks